Gateways with FIFO in DAvE 2.2

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For one of the old project, we are using an SAA-XC886CLM controller and the code is generated using DAvE 2.2.
The controller has 2 CAN nodes (node0,node1) and there is a Gateway source object and a destination object on either side.
I want to change this configuration to have 1 gateway source object and multiple destination objects. For e.g: MO0 is a gateway source in node0 and MO1,2 are destination objects in node1.
I read in the infenion documents that this is possible by using the BOT,TOP pointers in the configruation and making MO1,2 as transmission FIFO base/slave objects.
However, in DAvE 2.2, as soon as i configure the MO0 as Gateway source object and give BOT and TOP as MO1,2 resp.; I cannot configure MO1,2 as transmission FIFO objects, those fields are blacked out.
Thus, the generated code doesn't work properly as well.
In DAvE 4 however, I see that MOs can be configured as Transmission FIFO objects after they have been set as Gateway destination object.
Is it the case that the config. I need (Gateways with FIFO) cannot be done in DAvE 2.2? If it is possible, how can it be done?

It would be great if someone could give some input in this!

Best regards,
Vishak Nathan
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Sorry for not being able to help.

Honestly, I think this forum and DAvE are long dead now.
Is Infineon still distributing DAvE 2.2? I can't find that warze on their site anymore.

However, I do not know of alternatives either. Maybe combining current SDCC with other parts of DAvE would do. But that doesn't solve your immediate problem either.