Flashing issue in the XC2733 - 20F microcontroller using memtool

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We are using Memtool V 4.7 for the flashing a .hex file in the XC2733 - 20F microcontroller. We have total 6pcs of the HW containing same controller. When we flash these HW's using the memtool.
We are seeing that some HW's are working fine but some are not. Then we read the flash of all the HW's and compare the read .hex of all the Hw's. We found that in Hw's that are not working contains
some portion of the flash is not flashed at all by the memtool and also on the other hand the some portion of the flash is correctly written.
We are not unable to find the reason of the problem and also the solution of the problem.
I'm attaching the configuration of the memtool.
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