Differences of DAS & UART

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Hi there,

I am using the Memtool. I would like to ask you to explain me more about DAS & UART and the adjustments that i need to do for each protocol.

Your reply would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,
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Hi Roya,

DAS is the software driver for debug interface.
If your device is configured to debug mode (i.e.: JTAG), you have to use DAS in order to connect.
For UART, it is basically using UART protocol which can be accepted by the device in UART bootstrap loader mode.
So, if you are downloading program to the device in debug mode, you have to use DAS together with miniWiggler.
If you download to device in UART bootstrap loader mode, you have to use UART and connect it via COM Port.
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Thanks for the comments:)