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Hi there,

I'm trying to connect Miniwiggler v2 to XC2287 (LQFP144) microcontroller by DAP following the AP16146 documentation

I've set Debug mode as DAP pos.1 (P10.9, P10.12)




The image below are the connection between Miniwiggler (DAP) and XC2287Question Miniwiggler.jpg

When I open DAS server and try to conect them, I'm getting the following error: "NO DEVICE CONNECTED"


  • VDDPA and VDDPB are connected all together to +5V. Is it ok?
  • VSS and VAGND are connected all together to the ground. Is it ok ?
  • VAREF1, VAREF0 are free pins. Is it ok?
  • Is there some wrong connection between miniwiggler and XC2287 ? Maybe some missing connections?
  • Does somebody has the Miniwiggler v2 documentation ? Because I'm using doc from v3



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