Connecting XC2786 with miniwiggler

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I´m trying to programm the flash memory of a XC2786 microprocessor situated on a board that has a JTAG connector. I have installed the last version of DAS (downloaded from Infineon web). I have the DAP miniwiggler and a cable which connects board JTAG connector signals with miniwiggler JTAG connector signals.

UDAS server runs properly, but DAS Device Scanner doesn´t find the target. It says "No Device (DAS JDS miniwigglerJTAG/DAP/SPD v2)". I can see one green LED flashing in the miniwiggler that demonstrates miniwiggler is trying to connect to target board, and another green LED that shows the power supply of target. There is a third LED that I always see off.

If I press the botton "info" in DAS Device scanner program I can read the following information:

Device No Device connected
Device ID0 is 0x00000000
Device ID1 is 0x00000000
Valid Address Maps: None

Connected over DAS Server
Name: UDAS
Provider: Infineon
Release V3.3 (Mar 12 2013) based on
Server library V3.0 and DAS API V4.0
Host address "localhost" on port 61105
Process ID 3864
Server provides these ports:
DummyDevice 1 instances
JTAG 16 instances

Using Port JTAG 0, device select 255

Execution Frontend (ECF)
Provider: Infineon
Release V1.1 (Mar 12 2013)

ECF Hardware
Name: DAS JDS miniWiggler JTAG/DAP/SPD V2
Provider: Infineon
Serial Number: MWWHC2FAA

Please, ¿any help? I have everything checked and it seems to be OK, but it´s clear that there is something wrong.
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Hi spf,

Is the XC2786 is mounted on the evaluation kit or your own project board?
May I know what are your config pin setting?
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Hello Jackson,

it is mounted on my own project board.

Configuration pin established to connect with JTAG B:
P10.0=1 (10K pullup)
P10.1=1 (10K pullup)
P10.2=0 (pulldown)
TRST=1 during reset.