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Capture T5 question in XC2000
Hello when I use “GPT2 Capture/Reload Register CAPREL in Capture-And-Reload Mode” Function in XC2000,I set as follows
1) T5 Count Up
2) Any edge change of T3IN and T3EUD(Motor Hall Sensor Input) Trigger Capture T5 into CAPREL,and Clear T5 .

But when I Draw the value of “CAPREL”, It looks like CAPREL is equal to ZERO sometimes.Why Is that? Is Any spike input from T3IN and T3EUD,or any other reason?
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this Problem has been solved ,because the high level of T3In and T3EUD is 3.3v and the rising time is too long (nearly 20us),
when I cancel the Cap bypass,and Set input level as 5V,the Capture value of T5 never show Zero.