C167CS-LM could not able to distinguish between different reset.

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Hello Infineon,

We have two C167CS-LM populated on two different hardware which are identical in terms of schematic and components. One of the controller detect all the type of reset appropriately and update the corresponding flags in WDTCON respectively, but the other one update the watchdog reset flag for all type of reset whereas it should be updated only when there is watchdog overflow. It seems like it does not follow below table.
| Reset Source | LHWR | SHWR | SWR | WDTR |
| Long hardware reset | X | X | X | |
| Short hardware reset | | X | X | |
| Software reset | | | X | |
| (Software) watchdog reset | | | X | X |
For failed controller, WDTCON value after power on reset is 0x003E and after soft reset it is 0x0006 whereas for correct one it is 0x003C and 0x0004 respectively.

Have you guys encountered such problem in past? I'm sure that both of this controller batch has been sourced at different time. Also both controller runs same piece of software. Also tried to disable watchdog at start of startup code but obtain same results.

Any kind of help will be useful. Also let me know if you need any other info
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