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LED Driver ICs
Hello, I'm writing code for communicating with a TLD7002 for a development tool, and would like to ask a few questions concerning the calculation of t... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Good day~ Datasheet show extended supply voltage range form 4.5-45V, and parameter deviations possible. Could you detail explain what is parameter de... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Device: ICL5102HV(PFC回路で使用) Question:1. IEC61000-3-2 Class-Cへ準拠可能ですか?2. 最大電力は300Wで使用可能ですか?3. 出力25W以上(最大は300W)で、IEC61000-3-2 Class-Cへの準拠は可能ですか? Conditi... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Two Questions for the Litix TLD5045EJ that I could not find in the datasheet: a) how do I select the inductor value (the 220uH mentioned in some secti... Show More
LED Driver ICs

Dear Sir,

can help provide the TLD6098 Eval board material for refernece? thanks.

LED Driver ICs
We are developing a LED driver based on Infineon IC ICL5102. We are facing a problem with the burst Mode (BM) operation of the IC.    We want to intro... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Dears:   When  I installed DC-DC Designer,Design tool for DC-DC control ICs, an error is always showing when start running the software,and same  for ... Show More
LED Driver ICs

 is this s6bl112a  discontinued? I can't find the manual.

LED Driver ICs
  使用DCDC设计器,模拟出一个丑陋的拓扑架构,有疑问请教一下: 1、如何来不同的处理器,不同的功率确定负载情况下的开关频率? 2、频率目标,设计器给与的参考值是100HZ,请不同定位,这个不一样?范围值是多少。 3、相位裕度目标参考是45,从参数角度,不是45-60都是合理的参数?或者其他范... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Hi Infineon team, Greetings of the day. I am Virali, working in Hardware Engineering Domain in Pathpartner Technologies Pvt Ltd Bengaluru, India.This ... Show More
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LED Driver ICs

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