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The minimum current of LITIX™ Basic+ is limited by the IN_SET output activation current, IIN_SET(ACT) (data sheet parameter P_6.2.2): IOUTmin = IIN_SET(ACT) * k

    1-channel ICs (TLD2132-1EP, TLD2142-1EP): IOUTmin = IIN_SET(ACT) * k = 15uA * 900 = 13.5 mA

    3-channel ICs (TLD2131-3EP, TLD2331-3EP, TLD2141-3EP): IOUTmin = IIN_SET(ACT) * k = 15uA * 300 = 4.5 mA

    2-channel IC (TLD2252-2EP): Channel 1 IOUTmin = IIN_SET(ACT) * k = 15uA * 300 = 4.5 mA, Channel 2 IOUTmin = IIN_SET(ACT) * k = 15uA * 600 = 9 mA

Note: For TLD2132-1EP, TLD2131-3EP and TLD2331-3EP, the Single LED Short detection needs to be taken into consideration. The minimum specified IN_SET current of KSLS_REF is 50uA (data sheet parameter P_7.5.13). This means that for applications where SLS detection is required, the output current is IOUT = 50uA * 300 = 15 mA. In case SLS detection is not required, the minimum output current depends on the IIN_SET(ACT) only and is IOUT = 4.5 mA

Note: For applications where a lower output current is required, it is possible to use PWM signal in order to achieve a significantly lower average output current, IOUT. For example, one can set the IOUT at 30mA (via RSET) and with use of PWM with duty cycle of 7% to achieve a lower average output current IOUT=2mA
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