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pyOCD Does Not Recognize DAPLink - KBA228321

pyOCD Does Not Recognize DAPLink - KBA228321

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Author: JimT_21     Version: **

Translation - Japanese: pyOCDがDAPLinkを認識しない - KBA228321 - Community Translated (JA)

On Windows, the pyocd list command does not detect a connected kit in DAPLink mode when Cypress Programmer 2.0 is installed on the machine.

There are two possible causes to this problem.

To interact with CMSIS-DAP v.2.xx probes (USB Bulk), the pyOCD package uses the ‘libusb’ library. This library must be the same 32- or 64-bit architecture as the Python installation. If the architecture is different, pyOCD will not be able to recognize the probe.

Cypress Programmer 2.0 also installs the libusb library and adds the location in the PATH environment variable. If the libusb library installed with Cypress Programmer comes before the pyOCD path in the PATH environment variable, pyOCD detects an “incorrect: libusb” and will not work with it.

To resolve this issue, in the PATH variable, make sure that the path to libusb for pyOCD comes before the path for Cypress Programmer.

  1. Right-click This PC in Windows Explorer and choose Properties to open the System Properties window.
  2. Click Advanced system settings in the sidebar.
  3. Click Environment Variables...
  4. Select PATH in the System variables section.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Move Cypress Programmer 2.0 path to the end of the list.