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Where can I find code examples in Cypress.com? - KBA94993

Where can I find code examples in Cypress.com? - KBA94993

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Question: Where can I find code examples in Cypress.com?



There are 6 locations where code examples can be found for Cypress products. The following list provides you with the short description of where these code examples can be found.

Code Example Locations


       Code Examples which have been categorized as a Code Example and are available in as a Code Example Resource in Cypress.Com.


       These code examples are created and made available on the web by creating ECN under the Software-Example Projects category.


       The following search shows how these Code Examples can be accessed on Cypress.com.




       Code Examples attached as projects to AN


       Some application notes contain Code contain zipped files with Code Examples. These are available as a related file with the application note.


       For Example AN57473 has two files with related code examples


       App Note

  3.   Code Examples attached to a Knowledge Base Article (KBA) 

       Some KBAs contain code example.
       KBAs can be accessed by clicking on the “Knowledge Base” link under the Support Column in Cypress.com.


       The following link is the result of a search for “code example” on KBAs.




       This can be further refined by adding a keyword specific to the type of coe example you are searching for.


       Example Projects in PSoC Creator.


       PSoC Creator is available for download from http://www.cypress.com/psoccreator and includes example projects. These can be found by selecting File->Example Project in Creator.




       Selecting this will bring the window below which will allow one to search and select projects




       Example Projects with Kits.


       Some of the Kits have related project files with code that can be used on the kit.


       For Example, PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kits contains example projects which can be used with the kit.


       Related files


       Example Projects in Cypress Community Forums.


       In addition to the above, example projects can also be found in the Cypress Developer Community forums. Anyone with access to the community can post in the forum.