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What is the reset voltage of TLE4922?

What is the reset voltage of TLE4922?

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TLE4922 is used to operate in “Operating voltage range” as stated in the datasheet.
Due to  EMC-events and external series resistor in Vdd-line the reset level is of interest. Typical reset levels of Infineon Speed-Sensors with voltage interface are between 3 and 4 volts. The reset level of TLE4922 is not specified.
Three Vdd-voltage ranges have to be considered:
- Below reset level, the sensor does not operate and the behavior is not defined. The output will be high impedance and the current-consumption might deviate from datasheet specification.
- From reset level to minimum value of operating range, the senor TLE4922 has full functionality in terms of digital core and algorithms but might deviate in some specified parameters from the datasheet. Analog working points will not be settled and therefore some deviation might occur.
- Above minimum value of operating range TLE4922 is fully functional according  https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-TLE4922-XIN-F-DS-v01_00-EN.pdf?fileId=5546d46258fc0bc1015988a...datasheet