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What is Infineon’s RADSTOP™ technology?

What is Infineon’s RADSTOP™ technology?

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This knowledge base article will introduce readers to Infineon’s state-of-the art radiation hardening RADSTOP™ technology.  

Satellite bus platforms, payloads and RF communications systems all require radiation hardened (rad hard) technology to withstand harsh environment applications. Here at Infineon, we offer a wide portfolio of premium performance, high reliability electronics to qualified Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) requirements for our global customer base. Our state-of-the-art RADSTOP™ technology is available in HiRel memories, including our QML-V certified 16 Mb rad hard async SRAMs. Surpassing mission requirements is that much easier with RADSTOP™ in your toolkit!

Follow along this Knowledge Base article to learn how our RADSTOP™ technology offers optimized performance.


What is RADSTOP™?

Put simply, RADSTOP™ denotes Infineon’s proprietary design and process hardening techniques. Designed especially for high reliability and space applications, our RADSTOP™ technology ensures systems meet the reliability and lifetime demands of extreme environments. This enhances overall system computing limits, allows for greater design flexibility, and provides Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) benefits. Another bonus is reliable data integrity, as our RADSTOP™ technology strengthens latch up immunity within our SRAMs.



Using Infineon memory solutions with RADSTOP™ technology delivers optimized radiation performance in harsh environment applications. For example, our 16 Mb SRAM with ECC and RADSTOP™ technology has a total ionizing dose (TID) rating of 200 Krad (Si), soft error rate
£ 1 × 10-10 upsets/bit-day and is DLAM QML-V qualified per MIL-PRF 38535. These features made possible by Infineon’s RADSTOP™ technology mean ultra-reliable memories for our customers.

How do I find RADSTOP™ certification?

When ordering a rad hard async SRAM, you’ll know the product is radiation hardened with our RADSTOP™ technology based off the ordering code. The second group of a product’s name, consisting of the product’s third and fourth digits, will have an “RS” to indicate the product includes RADSTOP™ technology.



Infineon’s RADSTOP™ technology was designed to help our rad hard memories not only to withstand harsh environment applications, but to thrive in them. When paired with our rad hard async SRAMs, our proprietary design and process hardening techniques help deliver fast, reliable, and high-performance memory solutions to our customers. RADSTOP™ is your team’s next step in building technology for the future!