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WICED IBM IoT Bluemix quickstart

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WICED IBM IoT Bluemix quickstart

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WICED connect to quickstart


Download and install the latest version of WICED SDK, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To setup on Windows platform, follow the steps present in this link.


To connect to the Quickstart Service, follow these steps:


Open the WICED SDK eclipse base IDE
Under demo->IBM , place the bluemix_iot quick start project


The MQTT library implementation is included in the libraries and can be found under protocol section

WICED SDK setup :

Edit the wifi_config_dct.h under bluemix_iot as per your accesspoint credentials



In the make target window add the following new target ( for this example we have used BCM94343W hardware)

And click on build target for this make target. On successfull build and download the application to hardware, open any serial port communication like TeraTerm or Putty to see the hardware console output.

The below console message can be viewed

Enter the deviceId that you see in the console log, in the quickstart website to visualize the data points as shown below

IBM Internet of Things Foundation


At this step, we have successfully sent the sensor data to IBM Watson IoT Platform Quickstart service using the WICED hardware

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Note, a "recipe" based on this but specifically targeting the Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit is available at: 

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If you are looking to do this with ZentriOS, a new tutorial was also uploaded to support IBM Bluemix with ZentriOS. Find the new tutorial here: Beginners guide to ZentriOS : IBM Bluemix

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