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Viso test of IGBT modules (KA-00565)

Viso test of IGBT modules (KA-00565)

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Community Translation:  IGBTモジュールの絶縁耐圧試験Viso(KA-00565)

The applied Viso test is a 100% outgoing test for all our IGBT modules and the test is done according to the IEC standard IEC60747-9. Please see the enclosed information about the final test.
To carry out the test, all the terminals are connected.
The applied Viso voltage tests the isolation capability between the connected terminals and the base plate of the device. This is a pass/fail test.
We do not expect that repeating this test will shorten the life time of our IGBT modules.
The Viso specification given in the datasheet is an absolute maximum value and this specification must not be exceeded.
Therefore, we recommend reducing the applied Viso voltage according to the traction standard down to 80% for a repeated Viso IGBT module test.
This Viso reduction will give you a safety margin so that the maximum limit will not be exceeded during the test.
You can find it here.