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Using“btc_mode” for BT coexistence

Using“btc_mode” for BT coexistence

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  1. Default setting for Bluetooth coexistence

In most cases, the Bluetooth coexistence is already implemented by default, and “btc_mode” checks if the Bluetooth coexistence is enabled or not.
The btc_mode parameter can be set in NVRAM as the initial setting, and it is also possible to change the setting by the WL command.

The default value of “btc_mode” depends on the combination of three NVRAM parameters: boardflags”, “boardflags2,  and “btc_mode”.

                   boardflags: bit#0 = 0 or 1
                     (boardflags = 0x00000001)
                   boardflags2: bit#7 = 0 or 1
                     (boardflags2 =0x000000080)
                   btc_mode = 0, 1, or not set

To set the default btc_mode to 1:

  1. btc_mode=1 &&  boardflags: bit#0 = 1 && boardflags2:bit#7 = 0
  2. Do not set btc_mode &&  boardflags: bit#0 = 1 && boardflags2:bit#7 = 0

To set the default btc_mode to 0:

  1. btc_mode=0 (with any status for boardflags: bit#0 and boardflags2:bit#7)
  2. ! (boardflags: bit#0 = 1 && boardflags2:bit#7 = 0) (with any status for btc_mode or not set)

The “btc_mode” parameter can be set by the WL command to retain the default value.