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Using EZ-USB™ HX3PD as 7-port Type-A DS and a Type-B US port - KBA235382

Using EZ-USB™ HX3PD as 7-port Type-A DS and a Type-B US port - KBA235382

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1  Hardware modifications

Do the following hardware modifications to convert EZ-USB™ HX3PD as a 7-port Type-A DS and a Type-B US port hub as per CY6611 EVK Design:

  1. PD regulator is no longer required as it is needed only when Type-C PD is enabled.
  2. Connect an external Rd termination (5.1k) on one of the CC pins for each Type-C port and connect the corresponding set of superspeed lines from EZ-USB™ HX3PD to the US or DS connector. The other set of superspeed lines can be left floating.

1.1    Convert the HX3PD Type-C PD US port to a Type-B port

  1. Add a potential divider circuit between VBUS_MON_P0 (pin D4) and US_TYPE_B_VBUS (VBUS from Type-B Upstream connector) as shown in Figure 2.
  2. Based on VBUS from the Type-B connector (as shown in Figure 2), CCG4 will enable VBUS to turn ON the hub as shown in Figure 3. VBUS_C_CTRL_P0 (H4 pin) will output VBUS_US (VBUS signal to the HX3PD Hub controller) to enable the hub for normal operation.




Figure 1    HX3PD US port connectionsBinduPriya_G_1-1659951545425.png


Figure 2   HX3PD PD Port-0 connection




Figure  3    HX3PD VBUS connection

1.2     Convert the HX3PD Type-C PD DS1 port to a Type-A port

  1. Connect a potential divider circuit between VBUS_MON_P1 (B5 pin) and DS1_TYPE_A_VBUS (VBUS from Type-A downstream connector) as shown in Figure 5.
  2. Connect VBUS_P_CTRL_P1 (pin D6) to the enable pin of the DS1 power switch as shown in Figure 4.
  3. Connect VCONN_MON_P1 (pin C8) to the hub pin PWREN_P1 (pin J6) as shown in Figure 5 and Figure 6.
  4. Connect OCP_DET_P1 (C6 pin) to the power switch’s overcurrent detection pin as shown in Figure 4. Make sure that it goes to OVCUR_P1 (pin K6) of the hub.




Figure 4   HX3PD DS1 port connections




Figure 5  HX3PD PD Port-1 connection




Figure 6    HX3PD VCONN_MON_P1 connection to Hub PWREN1

2     Firmware requirements

  1. No firmware modifications are required.
  2. Load the EZ-USB™ HX3PD Rev. A silicon with v1.3.0 and the EZ-USB™ HX3PD Rev. B silicon with v2.0.0.
  3. Firmware for all the controllers of EZ-USB™ HX3PD (Hub, PD, DMC) should be valid.