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Updating Billboard Firmware - KBA210623

Updating Billboard Firmware - KBA210623

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Translation - Japanese: ビルボード ファームウェアの更新 - KBA210623 - Community Translated (JA)


How do I find the Billboard firmware version on my device and update it?


Cypress’s EZ-PD Configuration Utility can be used to read and program the billboard firmware on various devices. The entire process can be split into three main steps as follows:

  1. Setup
  2. Reading current firmware version
  3. Firmware upgrade.

The detailed steps are explained below.

  1. Setup
    1. Installation of EZ-PD Configuration Utility: Check if you have the latest version of EZ-PD Configuration Utility. If not, download and run EZ-PD_Configuration_Utility.exe. See the Utility User Manual for the system requirements.      
      1. Click Run.
              EZ PD Installation Start.png
              Fig 1: EZ PD Installation Start
      2. Click Next.
             EZ PD Installation.png

              Fig 2: EZ PD Installation
      3. Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” after reviewing the agreement. Click Next.
            EZ PD Installation License.png

              Fig 3: EZ PD Installation License
      4. Select the install location (if not default) using Change and then click Next.
             EZ PD Installation Folder.png
              Fig 4: EZ PD Installation Folder
      5. Click Install
             Fig 5 EZ PD Installation.png

              Fig 5: EZ PD Installation
      6. Click Finish.
            EZ PD Installation Completion.png
              Fig 6: EZ PD Installation Completion
    2. Installation of USB-Serial Driver: The EZ-PD Configuration Utility makes use of the USB-Serial device to access the Type-C device. Download the Driver for USB-Serial; unzip the file, double-click on CypressDriverInstaller.exe file to start the installation.     
      1. Click Next to continue.
              USB Serial Driver Installation.png
                   Fig 7: USB Serial Driver Installation;
      2. Click “I agree” after reviewing the license terms.
             USB Serial Driver Installation License.png
              Fig 8: USB Serial Driver Installation License
      3. Click Install after selecting the destination folder.
             US Serial Driver Installation Folder.png
              Fig 9: USB Serial Driver Installation Folder
      4. Click Finish to exit.
              USB Serial Driver Installation completion.png
              Fig 10: USB Serial Driver Installation completion
    3. EZ-PD Configuration Utility uses the I2C interface for programming. Set up the system as shown in sec 3.1.1 of the Utility User Guide. See the EZ-PD™ Configuration Utility Release Notes for the “Supported Kits and Devices”. You can use CY4501 CCG1 Development Kit if you do not have a USB Type-C host system. See section 6.3 (Running the SuperSpeed USB Demo) in CY4501 CCG1 Development Kit Guide for the Host Board jumper settings.
         System Setup for Configuration.png
          Fig 11: System Setup for Configuration
  2. Reading current firmware version
    1. Launch EZ-PD Configuration Utility from the Start menu. Determine the current firmware version using the icon “Read from Device” as shown in Fig.12.
        Read from device.png
          Fig 12: Read from device
      1. Click on “Billboard Controller” under “Devices” to read the Firmware App version. The example below shows Billboard firmware version 0.14. Please refer to the Firmware release notes to determine if you have the latest firmware and if you would need to upgrade.
             Reading firmware version.png
              Fig 13: Reading firmware version
  3. Firmware upgrade
    1. Steps to upgrade firmware:    
      1. If your firmware version is not the latest, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade. You can access the Billboard firmware with the revision history at this webpage. The revision note contains the list of changes with each firmware version. Once you have identified the required firmware file (.img), follow these steps.          
        1. Select Firmware Update to open the update window.
        2. Select the device (Billboard Controller) to be programmed.
        3. Select the Firmware location. This is a img file.
        4. Click Program.
                Updating firmware.png
                  Fig 14: Updating firmware
        5. The following message appears after successful programming:
                  Firmware update completion.png
                  Fig 15: Firmware update completion

You can confirm the firmware version number post upgrade by repeating step 4. The firmware version in this case is update to version 0.15.

Reading updated firmware version.png
Fig 16: Reading updated firmware version