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Unencrypted Boot Sequence of 43907/4390X

Unencrypted Boot Sequence of 43907/4390X

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Upon Reset, the CPU will run ROM bootloader. Depending on the boot the following takes place

>> Upon Cold boot, ROM bootloader will run the second stage bootloader which will loads the WICED application into RAM and warm bootloader into Always-On RAM. Once the second stage boot is complete, the WICED application will takes over.

>> Upon warm boot, the ROM bootloader will jump into AON RAM and run from there. The warm bootloader will load WICED application to RAM.



The ROM booatloader expects that a valid image has been written to the SFLASH starting at address 0x14000000. If bootloader detects an invalid image, it will be halted with the CPU and waiting for an interrupt. The only way to recover, is to power it off and re-flash a valid image.