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Traveo II Automotive Body Controller - FAQ – WATCHDOG - KBA232509


Traveo II Automotive Body Controller - FAQ – WATCHDOG - KBA232509

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18.1. What is the clock source for watchdog of Traveo II devices?

The clock source of basic watchdog timer is ILO0. MCWDTs are clocked by LFCLK. ILO0, ILO1, WCO, or ECO can be configured as a clock source of LFCLK.

18.2. How can the RESET triggered by WDTs be issued?

For basic watchdog, a RESET is triggered if the watchdog is not serviced before the upper limit. In the window mode, a RESET is triggered if the servicing occurs before the lower limit is reached. 

For MCWDTs, the RESET trigger mode is different from basic WDT.

When the counter reaches MCWDTx_CTRy_UPPER_LIMIT, a FAULT is issued. If the firmware does not handle this FAULT to bring the system back into a safe state, a RESET is issued after a fixed number of LFCLK cycles.

Counter is serviced before MCWDTx_CTRy_LOWER_LIMIT is reached: The counter is serviced too early; a FAULT is issued followed by a RESET if the FAULT is not handled in time by the firmware.

18.3. How can the watchdogs of Traveo II devices be enabled?

Basic WDT will be enabled after power-on. WDT_CTL is enabled, by default. After power-on, WDT will count automatically. When ENABLE bit of WDT_CTL changes from 1->0, the counter is cleared.

MCWDTs will not be enabled after power-on automatically. The MCWDT counters are enabled by setting the ENABLE[31] bit in the MCWDTx_CTRy_CTL and MCWDTx_CTR2_CTL registers and are disabled by clearing it.

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