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Traveo II Automotive Body Controller - FAQ – SPI - KBA232509


Traveo II Automotive Body Controller - FAQ – SPI - KBA232509

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3. SPI


3.1. What is the drive mode for SCB in DeepSleep mode?

Drive mode will be retained in DeepSleep mode. For hibernate mode, drive mode should be re-initialized after wakeup from hibernate mode.

3.2. Does SCB SPI support Quad SPI protocol?

No. The SCB SPI does not support QSPI mode. CYT4B devices have another block, called SMIF, to support serial memory interface (HyperBus™, Dual SPI, Quad SPI, and Octal SPI).  SMIF is an independent block apart from SCB, available on CYT4B devices but not on CYT2B devices.

3.3. What is the maximum clock speed of SCB SPI of CYT2B/CYT4B?

The maximum clock speed for master mode is 12.5 MHz. For slave mode, the MISO output goes through different logic paths with different delays for external clock and internal clock driving mode. Therefore, the maximum clock speed for slave mode is 10 MHz (IMO) and 12.5 MHz (External clock).

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