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Thermal Data in TRAVEO™ II Family (KA-03407)

Thermal Data in TRAVEO™ II Family (KA-03407)

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Thermal Data in TRAVEO™ II Family (KA-03407)

The thermal parameters (ƟJa, ƟJB, ƟJc) used to characterize the packages for CYT2B series are shown below.

For example: TVII-B-E-2MB device.

TQFP-64: ƟJa = 36.5 °C/W, ƟJb = 31.5 °C/W, ƟJc = 7.4 °C/W

TQFP-80: ƟJa = 31.7 °C/W, ƟJB = 26.0 °C/W, ƟJc = 6.2 °C/W

TQFP-100: ƟJa = 28.6 °C/W, ƟJB = 20.9 °C/W, ƟJc = 5.3 °C/W

The above thermal resistance values are also described in the Packaging section of the Datasheet. See the Packaging section for the thermal resistance of other series as well.

Note: This applies to the following series of TRAVEO™ II MCUs:

  • CYT2 Series
  • CYT3 Series
  • CYT4 Series