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TRAVEO™ T2G MCU: Initializing the fault subsystem - KBA235815

TRAVEO™ T2G MCU: Initializing the fault subsystem - KBA235815

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Community Translation: TRAVEO™ T2G MCU: 障害サブシステムの初期化

Version: **

Problem: During initial diagnosis in the fault subsystem, faults are held on to the FAULT_STRUCTx_PENDINGy register (where x is the fault structure instance and y varies from 0 to 2).

Solution: Follow these steps to initialize the known fault:

  1. Enable the fault source to be monitored in the fault mask register (FAULT_STRUCTx_MASKy).
    Note that notifications such as fault interrupt
    set manually (in this case, FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR_MASK is “0”).
  2. Write 0x00000000 to the fault status register (FAULT_STRUCTx_STATUS).
  3. Write 0x00000001 to the fault interrupt register (FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR).
  4. Read the FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR.FAULT bit. It will run between (b) to (d) until the FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR.FAULT bit becomes "0".
  5. When the FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR.FAULT is "0", you can start configuring the fault subsystem such as fault interrupt (FAULT_STRUCTx_INTR_MASK is “1”).

If the cause of the fault is not resolved, the fault can be held again in the FAULT_STRUCTx_PENDINGy register. Therefore, it may be necessary to resolve the fault cause.

Note:  This KBA applies to the following series of TRAVEOTM T2G MCUs

  • TRAVEOTM T2G CYT2xx series
  • TRAVEOTM T2G CYT3xx series
  • TRAVEOTM T2G CYT4xx series