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TRAVEO™ T2G MCU: How to wake up from DeepSleep Mode by GPIO - KBA236176

TRAVEO™ T2G MCU: How to wake up from DeepSleep Mode by GPIO - KBA236176

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Community Translation: TRAVEO™ T2G マイクロコントローラ: GPIO でディープスリープ モードからウェイクアップする方法 - KBA236176

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TRAVEO™ T2G MCU can operate in different power modes that are intended to minimize the average power consumption in an application. It supports active mode, sleep mode, deepsleep mode, and hibernate mode.

Deepsleep mode is a low power consumption mode, where only low-frequency peripherals are available and SRAM data is retained. TRAVEO™ T2G MCU can wake up from deepsleep mode by specific peripherals interrupt and GPIOs interrupt as shown in the below figure.


The following are the steps to be followed to wake up TRAVEO™ T2G MCU from deepsleep mode by GPIO:

Note:  A button is used as the GPIO in the wake up process.

  1. Interrupt setting, the GPIO (button) interrupt is used.
  2. Call CPU instruction in each core. Then all cores enter DeepSleep mode.
  3. The GPIO (button) interrupt will occur, after pushing the button.
  4. MCU wakes up from deepsleep mode by the GPIO (button).

For more details, see the Sample Driver Library (SDL).

Note:  This KBA applies to the following series of TRAVEO™ T2G MCUs

  • TRAVEO™ T2G CYT2xx series
  • TRAVEO™ T2G CYT3xx series
  • TRAVEO™ T2G CYT4xx series