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TLE956x, TLE9210x: Purpose of the VS/VSINT brake feature (KA-03554)

TLE956x, TLE9210x: Purpose of the VS/VSINT brake feature (KA-03554)

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The VS/VSINT overvoltage brake is intended to protect the application, when a motor operates in generator mode.
The operation in generator mode can occur in several cases such as:
* The motor rotation is caused by the application of an external torque, such as the manual closure of the trunk lid or of a sliding door
* While the motor is activated by the half-bridges, then the MOSFETs are turned off without any active brake
An example of a manually closed trunk lid causing VS overvoltage conditions  https://www.infineon.com/export/sites/default/en/about-infineon/company/contacts/support/images/Manu... can be found here.
Turn-on of the low-side MOSFETs during a VS/VSINT overvoltage brake event  https://www.infineon.com/export/sites/default/en/about-infineon/company/contacts/support/images/over... to be found here.
https://www.infineon.com/cms/media/eLearning/Automotive/advanced-motor-control_tle9210x_wbt/story.ht...  Elearning available here.