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Switching Between ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® Compilers – KBA83349

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Switching Between ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® Compilers – KBA83349

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Translation - Japanese: ImageCraft™コンパイラとHi-TechC®コンパイラの切り替え– KBA83349 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: How do you switch between the ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® compilers?


To switch between the two compilers, modify the compiler options and review the migration document.

Modify the compiler options in PSoC® Designer™:

  Tools > Options > Build > Compiler


  Project > Settings > Build > Compiler

Refer to the “HiTech_to_ImageCraft_Migration” guide, which is included with PSoC Designer (Help > Documentation > Compiler and Programming Documents).

You can also refer to the ImageCraft “C Language Compiler User Guide” (in the same location) for more detail on features that affect project migration.

Note: Cypress no longer provides the HI-TECH Lite compiler for PSoC in PSoC Designer. Instead, a free C compiler from ImageCraft is provided.

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