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Support Items Checklist for WLAN CoB Implementation - KBA229079

Support Items Checklist for WLAN CoB Implementation - KBA229079

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Support Items Checklist for WLAN CoB Implementation - KBA229079

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Translation - Japanese: WLAN CoB実装におけるサポートアイテムチェックリスト- KBA229079- Community Translated (JA)


What supportive documents, related to WLAN Chip on Board (CoB) implementation, are available to WLAN customers?


Following is the implementation support checklist:

  • Cypress RF chipset datasheet
  • Reference design package 

 Schematics
 Layout
 Bill of Materials (BOM), list of approved alternate vendors, and list of critical components
 Detailed board specific RF layout guideline
 RF Design, Verification, and Test (DVT) report for Wi-Fi and BT

    • DVT is the standard test that ensures the 802.11 WLAN and BT Combo Radio Module meets all IEEE 802.11n and BT SIG Bluetooth version 4.x performance requirements.
  • Initial board bring up - Prototype stage

 Firmware (Wi-Fi and BT) and nvram (Wi-Fi) used for the reference design DVT.

    • Wi-Fi firmware and NVRAM image tied with a specific version of the firmware to test the Wi-Fi functionality of the board.

 Necessary Wi-Fi and BT commands for each radio:

    • Non-signaling wl commands for manual test.
      • The wl commands are needed to configure Cypress PHY chipsets manually.
    • CyBluetool user guide
      • CyBluetool is a desktop PC tool with features to support both Bluetooth controller firmware development and testing. CyBluetool replaces the legacy Broadcom BlueTool. CyBluetool is a cross platform tool, which can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
    • Transmit Signal Strength Indication (TSSI) calibration tool and instructions
      • TSSI calibration adjusts output TX power and compensates for process variations (usually smaller).
  • Additional application notes that can provide you with RF design details:

 nvram and OTP

 TSSI CAL (TSSI Calibration)

 Wi-Fi/ BT CoEx

 Manufacturing Test related

  • Regulatory compliance
    AN225347 - Cypress Wi-Fi CLM Regulatory Manual: This application note introduces the Country Locale Matrix (CLM) regulatory compliance process and explains the process to generate the Final Regulatory Power Table, validate, and integrate it into the firmware along with Wi-Fi channel map per country code.
  • FCC and ETSI pre-scan support
         Note: It is recommended that you consult a Cypress Compliance Engineer via Cypress’ salesforce.com (SFDC).
  • Manufacturing support
     Technical direction to test technicians
         Note: It is recommended that you consult a Cypress Engineer via Cypress’ salesforce.com (SFDC).