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Super-speed Hub: HX3 - KBA218373

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Super-speed Hub: HX3 - KBA218373

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Translation - Japanese: スーパー‐スピードハブ:HX3 - KBA218373 - Community Translated (JA)


Is it possible to use the HX3 vendor-specific commands to send I2C commands to an additional device on the I2C bus while the hub is active?


No. Vendor commands work in a vendor mode, where the hub functionality is disabled. Also, vendor mode in HX3 is managed by internal firmware, which supports specific functions only. The I2C bus in the hub (HX3) acts as master or slave. As master, it will boot from reading the binary file stored in EEPROM. As slave, it can read the configuration file from the I2C master. However, it cannot be used for generic I2C reads and writes of additional devices.

Question: Does HX3 support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry?

Answer: Yes, HX3 is a USB-IF compliant hub, certified by USB-IF. Hence, the HX3 hub will support any platform as long as the host in the specified platform is USB-compliant and follows the USB specification. The hub will work with the Microsoft inbox hub driver. It does not need any specific driver. If the specified operating systems support USB 3.0 stack, the hub will enumerate as 3.0 Hub; otherwise, it will enumerate as a 2.0 Hub.

Question: Do HX3 part numbers CYUSB3324 and CYUSB3328 support ACA-Dock without pin-strap or EEPROM configuration?

Answer: Only CYUSB3324 and CYUSB3328 support the ACA-Dock feature and is enabled through eFUSE (one-time programmable memory) configuration by default, which overrides the internal ROM mode configuration settings. To disable the ACA-Dock feature, either pin-strap (read configuration from dedicated pins at power on) configuration or external EEPROM; master/slave mode configuration should be used. Refer to the HX3 datasheet for production options and supported features for each parts.

Question: What is the function of the VBUS_DS pin?

Answer: The VBUS_DS pin is used to power the Apple charging circuit in HX3. When this pin is enabled, the Apple charging feature is enabled.

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