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Semper Flash Conformance to JEDEC xSPI Standard - KBA227837

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Semper Flash Conformance to JEDEC xSPI Standard - KBA227837

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Translation - Japanese: SemperフラッシュのJEDEC xSPI規格への準拠 - KBA227837 - Community Translated (JA)


Are Semper Flash family devices JEDEC compliant?


Semper Flash devices with Quad, Octal and HyperBus interfaces are JESD251 compliant.

The new eXpanded Serial Peripheral Interface (xSPI) JESD251 standard, ratified by JEDEC in June 2017, defines a high-data throughput, serial interface for nonvolatile memory devices. The xSPI standard defines a minimum set of requirements for compatibility with high-performance serial NOR flash interfaces. JESD251 standardizes 1S-1S-1S and 8D-8D-8D protocols where 8D-8D-8D protocol can be supported with 32-bit and 45-bit addressing schemes. Therefore, JESD251 defines Profile 1.0 and Profile 2.0 for 8D-8D-8D protocols. Profile 1.0 supports 1S-1S-1S and 32-bit addressing 8D-8D-8D protocol, while Profile 2.0 supports 1S-1S-1S and 45-bit addressing 8D-8D-8D protocol. Semper Flash with Octal interface is Profile 1.0 compliant and Semper Flash with HyperBus interface is Profile 2.0 compliant.

JEDEC has added a section in JESD251 in October 2018. The purpose of the addendum (JESD251-1) is to add 4-bit bus width (x4) to JESD251, xSPI standard and Semper Flash with QSPI devices are compliant to JESD251-1.

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