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SMPS Designer Tool ‒ Online Power Supply Simulation Tool for CoolSET™

SMPS Designer Tool ‒ Online Power Supply Simulation Tool for CoolSET™

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Infineon’s SMPS Designer is an online power supply simulation tool for CoolSET™ that creates custom power supply circuits based on your requirements and proposes solutions based on the Infineon evaluation board portfolio. The environment provides you with power supply simulation and optimization capabilities that save you time and money at all stages of the switch mode power supply design process.

We have simplified the design flow and made it brighter, cleaner and clearer, while still offering a bunch of expert functions to support you with your state-of-the-art industrial design in the best possible way.

Analysis Tool Box provide a bunch of features to support your switch mode power supply development:

  • AC/DC Selection
  • Modify existing Infineon Designs for your purpose
  • Simulate, optimize & export the Data for your design
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Closed Loop
  • DVT
  • MTBF
  • EMI
  • Monte Carlo
  • Harmonics

Complete your design by running an electrical simulation, export to your most used CAD tools, print a design PDF report, or start a new design. It's all up to you.

Try SMPS Designer in link below.


Learn use cases on how to optimize your SMPS with SMPS Designer in training link below.