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Required Mini-Driver Usage for CYW20719B1 Devices with Flash Redundancy - KBA228200

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Required Mini-Driver Usage for CYW20719B1 Devices with Flash Redundancy - KBA228200

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Author: KhanM_16           Version: **


Where can I get the WICED Mini-Driver that is required to operate with CYW20719B1 silicon devices that have Flash Redundancy enabled?


The required Mini-Driver to be used for CYW20719B1 silicon devices that have enhanced flash redundancy enabled is attached to this Knowledge Base Article.

The Mini-Driver required for enhanced flash redundancy is already included in WICED SDK release versions 6.2 or later.  If you are using an earlier release version of the WICED SDK, then you can follow the steps below to upgrade your current Mini-Driver in your WICED SDK version.

  1. Download the Mini-Driver attached to this KBA.
  2. Open the project explorer in your existing WICED-SDK installation. (refer to Figure 1 for steps 3,4,5 & 6)
  3. Navigate to the platform directory //20719-B1_Bluetooth/platforms/CYW920719Q40EVB_01
  4. Note, the exact name of the existing mini driver file. In this case it is minidriver-20739B1-uart.hex
  5. If the name of the minidriver file downloaded in step 1 is same as that in step 4, replace the existing minidriver with the downloaded one.   If not, go to step 6. Else go to step 7
  6. Rename the driver downloaded in step 1 to that of your existing minidriver name, and replace the existing driver with the downloaded one.
  7. Close the SDK window and restart the SDK

Figure 1: minidriver location in Eclipse explorer