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Registration of Keil Compiler in PSoC Creator

Registration of Keil Compiler in PSoC Creator

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Registration of Keil Compiler in PSoC Creator

Question: How to register the default Keil compiler in PSoC Creator if normal registration using "Keil License Registration" window fails?



Kindly go through the link http://www.cypress.com/?id=4&rID=38519 to register Keil compiler in PSoC  Creator.

The above method may not work and gives any of the following errors:

a) Error-->prj.M0132: Unable to register your LIC number. Confirm if the number you entered is correct then try again.

b) 'Your Keil License has expired' 

3) "Add LIC" button is  is disabled.

If you get any of these errors then check the version of the Operating system i.e. is it 32-bit or 64-bit, and then only use the following process to Register Keil:

1) Make sure to register Keil from within the copy of uVision that ships with PSoC Creator. It is installed by default at:

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\8.16\UV3\Uv3.exe
          ... on 64-bit versions of Windows and:

          C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\8.16\UV3\Uv3.exe

          ... on 32-bit flavors of Windows.

Then we can find the uVision registration dialog by selecting File -> License Management. We must run this as an administrator and this can be done by right-clicking the executable and selecting "Run as administrator" from the context menu.

2) Also we can manually edit the Keil tools.ini file (which is where it stores registration information). To do this:
        - Open...    C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\8.16\TOOLS.INI
        ... for 64-bit Windows 7,


           C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\1.0\PSoC Creator\import\keil\pk51\8.16\TOOLS.INI
        ... for have 32-bit Windows 7.

This file must be edited as an administrator. This can be done by clicking the Start Menu, searching for Notepad, right clicking on the notepad search result and selecting "Run as administrator". Now use File->Open to open the tools.ini file listed above.

- Look for a line that starts with LIC:


If the registration is expired after one year of usage then the line “LIC0=…” will already be present. In that case we have to write the license code as LIC1=XXXXX-XXXXX….

If even the above mentioned methods does not work then kindly contact our technical support and report the same.