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Reduce Delay Observed During I2C Read Operations In USB-Serial

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Reduce Delay Observed During I2C Read Operations In USB-Serial

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How to reduce the delay observed during I2C Read operations when using USB Serial as the I2C Master?

I2C Read operations in USB Serial involves using I2C_Write() and I2C_Read() APIs. Therefore, there may be a delay between sending the Write and Read command to the device.

Use the modified “cyusbserial.dll” file attached with the KBA in your application to reduce this delay. This will reduce the observed delay between the APIs to the order of thousands of microseconds, which is significantly less than that produced with the cyusbserial.dll file present in the USB-Serial SDK.

To use the current examples present in the USB-Serial SDK with the new cyusbserial.dll file, go to:

 <install directory>Infineon\USB-Serial SDK\library and replace the “cyusbserial” folder with the folder attached.

Note: The delay may vary based on the processor and OS present on the host system!


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