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Q1 2020 Software Release for Linux and Android

Q1 2020 Software Release for Linux and Android

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By Christopher Rumpf

Infineon integrates its robust and reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE connectivity solutions into the Linux and Android open source ecosystems to help you predictably and quickly deliver secure, robust products. Our Linux and Android solutions are compatible with industry standard drivers and protocol stacks.

In 2020, we’ve reinvigorated our release process and are preparing for a busy year!  In this post, I review the features added in the Q1 2020 release.

Introducing CYW54591

We’re excited to announce a new product with improved features and capabilities - CYW54591. This wireless product was released in Q1 of 2020 and is available in our Linux release.

The CYW54591 is a dual band 5G Wi-Fi 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac chip with Bluetooth 5.1 and targets high end enterprise/industrial applications. It supports Wi-Fi CYNC, a Wi-Fi time synchronization technology that improves latency. This is a perfect feature for high performance, high-bandwidth products such as video or audio applications.

The CYW54591 supports 13 SoftAP clients, 64 Preferred Network Offloads (PNO) and support for 22 Offloaded Packet Filters to save power. The Bluetooth/BLE software includes AoA/AoD, 2Mbps LE and several BLE security features such as BLE Secure Connections, BLE Privacy, etc. With PCIe/UART interfaces for Wi-Fi and I2S/UART/PCM interfaces for Bluetooth this part can easily fit into your enterprise design.

WPA3 Support

WPA3 SoftAP support is now available on the CYW4355 and CYW4373.

WPA3 is a Wi-Fi Alliance security protocol. WPA3 is the next generation of Wi-Fi security, a result of continuous evolvement to provide the most robust security protocols to the market. As the threats to wireless security evolve, WPA3 takes the lead in providing the industry’s strongest protections against the ever-changing threat landscape. “WPA3 adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security, enable more robust authentication, deliver increased cryptographic strength for highly sensitive data markets, and maintain resiliency of mission critical networks.” Learn more on Wi-Fi Alliance website.

ePa/eLNA Support

We’re also excited that ePa (Power Amplifier) / eLNA (Low Noise Amplifier) are now supported on CYW43732, enhancing high power for long distance, allowing you to deliver even more robust products.

Update: Linux Kernel 5.4LTS

We’ve updated the FMAC driver to support the latest LTS kernel 5.4. As usual our backports package provides for older kernels. You can find more LINUX kernel software lifecycle information here.

We will soon be publishing a datasheet, which describes our portfolio of hardware and software solutions and will go over the value that we can add throughout your product’s lifecycle starting from product concept and vendor selection process through managing your fleet of deployed products with Cirrent Iot Network Intelligence.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!

Originally posted May 15, 2020 on Cypress blog:https://www.cypress.com/blog/internet-things-iot/q1-2020-software-release-linux-and-android