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Power Setting in an ADC

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Power Setting in an ADC


Question: What does the "Power Setting" in any ADC refer to? In what instances would you use a higher or lower setting?

Response: The power setting refers to the power at which the SC Block of an ADC operates.  Higher power settings will result in higher current consumption and also higher performance in terms of slew rates, settling times etc.  Medium or Low power will result in reduced current consumption, but also in reduced performance.  Refer the user module specifications for details of the parameters related to power setting.

For faster ADC clocks (and faster conversion times) a higher power setting must be used. It is recommended to start with the High setting during the development stage of the project.  The power may be set to Medium or Low in later stage of the project as desired. 

The same concept applies to other analog user modules like Amplifiers, Comparators, Filters etc.

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