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Port applications across EZ-PD PMG1 MCUs - KBA232685


Port applications across EZ-PD PMG1 MCUs - KBA232685

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EZ-PD™ PMG1 (Power Delivery Microcontroller Gen1) is a family of high-voltage USB Power Delivery (USB PD) microcontrollers (MCU). These chips include an Arm® Cortex® M0PU and USB PD Controller along with analog and digital peripherals. Application/firmware development for PMG1 devices are supported in ModusToolbox® Software Environment.

ModusToolbox provides flexibility to port applications from one board to another at any point in application development cycle. It provides Board Support Packages (BSPs) for different MCU boards including EZ-PD PMG1 Prototyping Kits. BSPs abstract the hardware level specifications of the boards/devices and provides common set of APIs and Macros that are consistent across the MCUs/ Boards. Middleware and user’s application can use BSP to configure and control the hardware.

A Board Support Package consists of the following:

  • Hardware configuration files for the device.
  • Start-up code and linker files for the device.
  • Other libraries that are required to support a kit.

Table 1 lists the PMG1 Prototyping kits and their corresponding BSPs. Users can create their own BSPs for their specific hardware boards.

Table 1. EZ-PD PMG1 Prototyping Kits and corresponding BSPs


PMG1 Kit



CY7110 EZ-PD™ PMG1-S0 prototyping kit



CY7111 EZ-PD™ PMG1-S1 prototyping kit



CY7112 EZ-PD™ PMG1-S2 prototyping kit



CY7113 EZ-PD™ PMG1-S3 prototyping kit


A project created for one MCU can be ported to other MCUs of PMG1 family provided the feature/functionality/resource porting is supported in the new MCU. Refer the following steps to port project across PMG1 MCUs.

  1. Open the “Library Manager” from the Tools section of Quick Panel.

Figure 1. Library Manager in Quick Panel


  1. In Library Manager:
    a. Select a new BSP to which the project needs to be ported. Uncheck the old BSP to remove. You can also port projects to a custom hardware by selecting a custom BSP created for that hardware. Figure 2 shows porting of application from PMG1-CY7110 to PMG1-CY7111 Prototyping Kit.
    b. Click Update.

Figure 2. Port project to a new BSP in Library Manager2.jpg


  1. In the Makefile, change the target name to new BSP, selected in earlier step.

Figure 3. Modify TARGET name in Makefile3.jpg

  1. In Quick Panel:
    a. Click Generate launches for <project name>.
    b. Click Refresh Quick Panel.

Figure 4. Regenerate launch configuration4.jpg


Now Device Configurator will be updated to the new BSP as shown in Figure 5. While porting make sure that resource/feature used in old BSP is also supported in the new one.

Figure 5. Device configurator updated to new BSP


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