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Platform Files for CYBT-353027-EVAL

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Platform Files for CYBT-353027-EVAL

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Which platform files should be used for CYBT-353027-EVAL kit in the WICED® Studio 6.2 or later?


CYBT-353027-EVAL kit includes a fully integrated and certified Bluetooth Smart Ready wireless module (CYBT-353027-01).

Make the following changes to the WICED Studio 6.2 to start using the CYBT-353027-EVAL kit platform:

  1. Download CYBT_353027_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES.zip attached with this KBA.
  2. Save and extract the downloaded file in your computer.
  3. Navigate to CYBT_353027_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES_6_2.zip and extract to this folder. This is used for WICED 6.2; if you want to use a previous version of WICED, you can extract the zip accordingly.
  4. Navigate to CYT_353027_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES > platforms > CYBT_353027_EVAL and copy this folder.
  5. Paste the folder in the WICED Studio 6.2 folder path …\ WICED-Studio-6.2\20706-A2_Bluetooth\Platforms\. Figure 1 shows the location of folder in the WICED Studio 6.2.

    Figure 1
  6. Navigate to CYBT_353027_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES\Wiced-BT\tier2\brcm\libraries\lib\20703, then copy FM25Q04_sflash.a.
  7. Paste and replace FM25Q04_sflash.a file in WICED-Studio-6.2\20706-A2_Bluetooth\Wiced-BT\tier2\brcm\libraries\lib\20703\ as shown in Figure 2.  
    Figure 2
  8. Include FM25Q04_sflash.a in the makefile.mk of the user’s application project. Figure 3 shows an example for the hello_sensor application project. FM25Q04_sflash.a must be included in the makefile if application firmware performs NVRAM write or read operations (a serial flash device (NVRAM) is available in the CYBT-353027-01 module).

        Figure 3. APP_PATCHES_AND_LIBS += FM25Q04_sflash.a



A sample make target to build a project in WICED Studio 6.2 for this CYBT-353027 evaluation kit is as follows:

demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_353027_EVAL download


Version: *F

Translation - Japanese: CYBT-353027-EVAL 用プラットフォームファイル - KBA223509 - Community Translated (JA)