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PSoC™ Programmer errors for some FM0+ based MCUs - KBA237088

PSoC™ Programmer errors for some FM0+ based MCUs - KBA237088

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Community Translation(JP): 一部のFM0+ベースMCUにおけるPSoC™ Programmerのエラーについて - KBA237088

Version: **

Question: Why do I get errors when performing Program/Read/Checksum and other operations for FM0+ based MCUs in PSoC™ Programmer?

Background: When using PSoC™ Programmer with FM0+ MCUs that have certain flash memory sizes, most GUI features (Program, Read, Checksum) do not work. The impacted MCUs include: S6E1Axx with 56 KB flash, S6E1Bxx with 304 KB flash, and S6E1Cxx with 64 KB flash. The symptoms of this issue are shown on the following scenarios:

  • Program: The tool reports an error; however, programming actually succeeds – only checksum fails. PSoC™ Programmer checks the correctness of flash downloading in two ways: by reading flash contents matching it with a data from the hex file and also by calculating the checksum. For affected MCUs, the checksum operation will always fail. A successful byte-to-byte comparison can be considered a guarantee that the hex file was properly downloaded into the flash, which is stated by "Flash verification succeeded." message.
  • Verify: Operation does not work, so the error does not mean flash and the hex file contents are different.
  • Checksum: FM0+ Flash checksum calculated incorrectly; therefore, you cannot rely on that value.
  • Read: Does not work as of now.
  • Erase: Works properly.
  • Patch: Ends up with an error, while programming should pass under normal circumstances. However, it is better to use the Program button, since Patch operation status cannot be verified

Root cause: The root cause of this problem is that PSoC™ Programmer determines the flash size of the connected MCU incorrectly, assuming that the flash size is bigger than it actually is, which leads to unexpected errors.

Workaround: Unfortunately, there is no workaround for Verify/Checksum/Read/Patch operations. For Program, despite the error, we can be sure that programming is successful in case "Flash verification succeeded." message is reported by PSoC™ Programmer. This issue to be fixed and delivered in an upcoming release.