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PSoC Creator™ - Keil Compiler Registration - KBA83314

PSoC Creator™ - Keil Compiler Registration - KBA83314

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PSoC Creator™ - Keil Compiler Registration - KBA83314

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How do I register the Keil compiler that comes with PSoC Creator?



The Keil compiler by default has 30 days of free registration. After 30 days it will prompt for registration. To extend the free license the user has to register in the Keil Website. The following steps have to be followed for the registration.

To activate the license, go to "Help >> Register >> Keil" menu in PSoC Creator.  This opens the below dialog box with a pre-filled Computer ID.  Press “Get LIC via Internet…” button.

This will launch your browser on the Keil Single user License registration page with the CID and Product Serial Number (PSN) pre-populated. Fill in the required information and press the “Submit” button.

Keil will send the New License Id (LIC) to your mail id [mail id which you had given in Keil website during registration]. Copy that string into the New License ID Code box and press “Add LIC”. The table at the bottom of the dialog updates to show you how long the license will be active.

If the above method did not work and if you are getting any of the following errors:

  1. Error-->prj.M0132: Unable to register your LIC number. Confirm if the number you entered is correct then try again.
  2. 'Your Keil License has expired'
  3. "Add LIC" button is disabled.

Then please go through the following link ‘Registration of Keil Compiler in PSoC Creator’.


  1. If you already have a Keil CA51 Compiler license then you need not register a Keil compiler license for PSoC 3.
  2. If you have enabled "Don't show Keil registration dialog every time PSoC Creator Starts" in Tools -> Options -> Project Management -> General, then the Keil Registration Pop-up will not come. Please disable it and try to open the Registration Dialog from Help -> Register -> Keil now.
  3. This License will be valid for 1 year. After 1 year it will prompt for registration again .You have to follow the same registration process.
  4. In case if you want to register for a PC without internet connection follow the steps mentioned in following link ‘Registering KEIL compiler of PSoC Creator in a PC without Internet connection’.