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PSoC™ Automotive Multitouch Product Documentation – KBA88929

PSoC™ Automotive Multitouch Product Documentation – KBA88929

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Community Translation: PSoC™ 車載マルチタッチ製品ドキュメント – KBA88929

Version: *C

Question: Where can I find PSoC™ Automotive Multitouch product documentation?

Answer: PSoC™ Automotive Multitouch product documentation is only available with a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Cypress. If you need PSoC™ Automotive Multitouch documentation, please contact your local Cypress sales office or field applications engineer (FAE), or one of the Cypress franchised distributors. The following links will provide you with contact information:

Franchised Distributors
International Sales Offices
North American Sales Offices