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PSoC 6 CapSense design

PSoC 6 CapSense design

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Hello everyone!


Here is some information on how to design CapSense sensors while developing Capacitive sensing applications in PSoC 6.


Schematic design:

After selecting PSoC device, while designing schematic you can refer to the following documents:


1) PSoC 6 datasheet (depends on the selected device)

2) Schematic Rule checklist section in AN85951 - PSoC 4 and PSoC 6 MCU CapSense Design Guide (http://www.cypress.com/file/46081/download)

3) AN218214 - Hardware design considerations (http://www.cypress.com/file/385701/download)

Layout design:

While designing PCB, refer to the following documents:


1) Design considerations section in AN85951 - PSoC 4 and PSoC 6 MCU CapSense Design Guide (http://www.cypress.com/file/46081/download)

2) Specifically, layout rule checklist section in AN85951

3) For proximity sensor design, refer to AN64846 - Getting Started with CapSense (http://www.cypress.com/file/41076/download) and AN92239 - Proximity Sensing with CapSense (http://www.cypress.com/file/46741/download)


Following the above mentioned guidelines in various documents will help achieve high SNR, better performance and electromagnetic compatibility.


Feel free to leave comments and ask questions, we appreciate the feedback!

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