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PSoC 4 Smart IO Pin Assignment - KBA229657

PSoC 4 Smart IO Pin Assignment - KBA229657

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Author: RyanZ_36          Version: **

Translation - Japanese: PSoC 4 Smart IO ピン配置について– KBA229657 - Community Translated (JA)

When Smart IO is used in PSoC® 4 projects, the errors shown in Figure 1 occur while the project is built. What could be the reason for these errors?

Figure 1. List of Errors



These errors are caused by internal rooting limitation. Some fixed functions/blocks have more than one dedicated GPIO pins. If such a pin is assigned to a GPIO Component, the same pin of the function/block must not be connected to the Smart IO input through a different GPIO.

For example, on PSoC 4100S Plus, line output of PWM_1 instance can be assigned as Smart IO input and as P2[4] directly. However, if P3[0] is assigned as line output for PWM_2 instance, the errors shown in Figure 1 occur. This is because both P2[4] and P3[0] are dedicated output pins for the TCPWM[0] block. That means PWM_1 and PWM_2 are duplicated instances of the TCPWM[0] block, which is not allowed in PSoC Creator™.

For more details, visit Cypress community or contact Cypress sales team.

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