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PSoC™ 4 MCU: Impact factor of CapSense_CSD_GAIN - KBA236300

PSoC™ 4 MCU: Impact factor of CapSense_CSD_GAIN - KBA236300

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Community Translation: PSoC™ 4 MCU: CapSense_CSD_GAINの影響要因 - KBA236300

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In PSoC™ 4 devices that support the fourth-generation CAPSENSE™ CSD, CapSense_CSD_GAIN is used for selecting the voltage divider resistor and setting the Vref voltage level used by CSD scanning. The Vref voltage is programmable via setting the internal voltage divider resistors.

By default, the programmable Vref voltage changes when the VDDA setting is changed in the design wide resources (*.cydwr) system editor in PSoC™ Creator.  Therefore, when VDDA setting is changed, the generated library code will change Vref by changing the value of CapSense_CSD_GAIN. 

Note:  If the Vref voltage is set by users as a fixed voltage level manually, the VDDA setting does not have impact on the value of CapSense_CSD_GAIN. Other settings do not have impact on CapSense_CSD_GAIN.