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PSoC 4 BLE Schematic Design Considerations - KBA224925

PSoC 4 BLE Schematic Design Considerations - KBA224925

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Author: ShengY_96        Version: **

Translation - Japanese: PSoC 4 BLE回路図デザインの考慮事項 - KBA224925 - Community Translated (JA)

  1. Choose the suitable ECO and WCO. Refer to AN95089 for details of how to select and design ECO and WCO.
  2. Connect a 1-µF capacitor between VCCD and GND.
  3. PSoC 4 BLE has two SCBs that can be used as SPI or I2C or UART; each SCB can be routed to three combinations of fixed pins. Therefore, do not assign multiple functions in SCB0 or SCB1. For example, if a communication function like I2C is routed to SCB0’s pins, assign another communication function such as UART to SCB1’s pins. See the datasheet for details of pin connections.
  4. Assign UDB pins to Port 0, Port 1, or Port 3. Port 4 and Port 5 do not support routing UDB function signals.
  5. Assign ADC pins to Port 3 as Port 3 connect to the SAR ADC directly.
  6. Use PSoC Creator’s analog routing for opamp pin assignment. For more details on the analog routing, refer to Analog Routing Rules in PSoC 4 BLE – KBA95947
  7. To verify pin assignments, build the project in PSoC Creator and ensure that the project builds successfully.