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Need for Type-C Controller on Type-C to Type-A Cable

Need for Type-C Controller on Type-C to Type-A Cable

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Translation - Japanese: Type-C から Type-A への変換ケーブルの Type-C コントローラーの必要性について- Community Translated (JA)


Does Type-C to Type-A cable assembly require Type-C Controller?


A Type-C to Type-A cable has a Type-C plug at one end and a Type-A plug at the other end.  A Type-C to Type-A cable would require Type-C controller if the Type-A host supports higher power delivery with more than 3A current. In general, the Type-A hosts will not support higher power delivery. Hence, a Type-C controller is not required for Type-C to Type-A cable assembly, placing a pull-up resistor on the CC-line of the cable would be sufficient. If it is required to know the vendor specific information of the Type-C to Type-A cable, a Type-C controller can be introduced into the cable assembly. Initially, the Type-C controller in the Type-C to Type-A cable will act as host. Then the Type-C device can initiate a data role swap upon which it can query the cable.