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ModusToolbox Library Manager Crash - KBA233422

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Community Manager

ModusToolbox Library Manager Crash - KBA233422

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Question: Library Manager crashed when I tried to change my Active BSP, and now there is no information available. How do I recover my previous application state?

Answer: On rare occasions, the Library Manager crashes trying to change from one Active BSP to another incompatible Active BSP. The tool removes libraries for the old Active BSP, but then it is unable to update libraries for the new Active BSP. This issue is being addressed for ModusToolbox version 2.4. In the meantime, to restore your application, you must edit the Makefile and review the Library Manager libraries. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Open the Makefile at the application's root directory. Update the TARGET property with the BSP value that was used prior to the crash.
  2. Open the Library Manager GUI for the application and add, remove, and update the libraries, as appropriate.
  3. Click Update.
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