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Miniprog4 Operating Mode

Miniprog4 Operating Mode

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  • Miniprog4 is run by internal firmware which is called Kitprog3. Kitprog3 includes two modes which are called Kitprog3 (CMSIS-DAP) and DAPLink. By pressing Mode Select button, Miniprog4 operating mode passes between Kitprog3 CMSIS-DAP mode and DAPLink Mode.
  • CMSIS-DAP is a standard protocol to connect ARM Cortex based microcontroller which include CoreSight Debug Access Port and host PC. CMSIS-DAP uses common USB protocol, so no special device driver is required. The interface between CMSIS-DAP (debugger) and DUT is SWD or JTAG. Kitprog3 mode includes both CMSIS-DAP Bulk and CMSYS-DAP HID. Bulk mode has faster programming speed than HID mode, so Bulk mode is used for the programming in default. To use HID mode, communication through Firmware Loader tool is required.
  • DAPLink is a successor of CMSIS-DAP. DAPLink consists of Mass Storage Class which enables drag & drop programming, USB-CDC class for virtual COMM port, and CMSIS-DAP interface. DAPLink embedded in Miniprog4 only supports SWD interface. Also, firmware download using Mass Storage Class is not supported.
  • Figure1 shows the overview of Miniprog4 mode.




Figure1. Miniprog4 Mode