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Miniprog3 revision 7

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Miniprog3 revision 7



I can’t perform Power Cycle programming using the Miniprog3 *A with ES2 PSoC3 and ES1 PSoC5 devices.


It was discovered that the Miniprog3 *A (revision 6) programmer did not correctly implement the Power Cycle programming methodology and will not be able to support power cycle programming with the above silicon revisions using the existing Miniprog3 programmer. The solution to this issue is not just a firmware correction but also a slight hardware modification. Impacted customers will be able to receive an updated revision of the Miniprog3 programmer (revision 7). Please file a tech support case with Cypress for more information.

Power Cycle Programming with Future Silicon Revisions:

An update will be made to future revisions of the PSoC3 and PSoC5 silicon, which allows for power cycle programming support with the existing Miniprog3 *A (rev 6) hardware. The Miniprog3 revision 7 will serve as a bridge between the silicon revisions and will be a limited release to customers who are directly blocked or impacted with this error.

Miniprog3 Revision 7 Software Requirements:

Individuals who’ve received a revision 7 Miniprog3 must use at least PSoC Programmer 3.12 production or greater. PSoC Programmer 3.12 Beta or earlier will not support Revision 7 of the Miniprog3.

All software and PC requirements detailed in the PSoC Programmer 3.12 release notes applies.

Hardware Limitations of the Miniprog3 Revision 7:

The following table details the limitations with the limited release Miniprog3 revision 7 programmer/debugger.

Power cycle programming mode is currently supported only on 10 pin header using the SWD connections.Power lines on 5 pin header are not pulled up.
SWD on 5 pin header not functionalSWD on 5 pin header is not functional because there are no available resistors for the pins.
I2C/ISSP is not functionalISSP is not supported because level translator’s input is at the boundary level voltage,1.2.
JTAG/SWV is not functionalJTAG/SWV on 10pin header because there are no pulled up resistors for TDO and TDI lines.

Steps to Install and Use Miniprog3 Revision 7:

The Miniprog3 revision 7 will arrive with two red stickers attached to the exterior programmer casing. The stickers will indicate that the programmer is a revision 7 and will allow the user to easily discern between available Miniprog3s.

The Miniprog3 revision 7 installation is no different than the existing Miniprog3 *A use model.

  • Install appropriate Programmer (listed above)
  • Connect Miniprog3 revision 7 to the PC
  • Firmware updates will automatically upload to the Miniprog3 revision 7
  • Notice the PSoC Programmer messaging telling the user that they’ve connected to a limited release Miniprog3. This messaging will appear every time a revision 7 Miniprog3 is connected to PSoC Programmer


Power Cycle programming is currently not supported  with the existing release of Miniprog3 *A (rev6)


This knowledge based article details to the user the solution to the Power Cycle programming issues with the Miniprog3 *A programmer. It also details the limited release of the Miniprog3 revision 7 programmer and it’s installation requirements, steps and limitations.

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