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MiniProg3 Rev. *A

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MiniProg3 Rev. *A

Question: Do I have an out of Date Miniprog3 revision *A?


A small number of Miniprog3 revision *A programmers were shipped into the field with out-of-date firmware. This erroneous firmware revision has not been seen to cause any functional problems, but it is known to operate out of specification with respect to some internal system design guidelines. This knowledge based article will describe how to update your Miniprog3 with the release of PSoC Programmer 3.12.4. PSoC Programmer 3.12.4 install file and installation instructions can be found here:

Once PSoC Programmer 3.12.4 has been installed on your system please follow the steps below. Please make sure that all programmers (Miniprog1, Miniprog3, etc) are unplugged. These steps will detail how to update one or more out of date Minipog3’s.

Firmware Update:

Please follow the detailed steps to update your out-of-date Miniprog3 revision *A device.

Step 0:

Before any steps are taken please check which revision of Miniprog3 you currently have. To find which revision you have, please look at the manufacturing label on the backside of the Miniprog3 programmer.

If the manufacturing label says ‘*A’ then please proceed with the remaining steps.

If the manufacturing label says ‘rev4’, ‘rev5’ or ‘rev6’ then you currently have a Beta version of the Miniprog3. Please proceed to the following page to obtain a *A Miniprog3:

Step 1:

It is assumed that the user has followed the installation instructions on the PSoC Programmer 3.12.4 web page and has installed the production release of Programmer 3.12.4.
Please navigate and launch PSoC Programmer from the Start menu:

Start>All Programs>Cypress>PSoC Programmer 3.12.4>PSoC Programmer


Step 2:

After PSoC Programmer opens, please connect one Miniprog3 to the PC.

Once PSoC Programmer fully connects to the Miniprog3, a blue dot will appear next to the Miniprog3 in the port window (upper left hand window). Please then look at the messaging in the Status window.

If your Miniprog3 firmware version is 2.05 then this Miniprog3 is up-to-date. If the customer has multiple Miniprog3’s, please unplug the Miniprog3 from the PC and repeat this step with the next Miniprog3.


If the Miniprog3 firmware is out-of-date PSoC Programmer will display a warning message. If this is the case please go to the next step.


Step 3:

To update the device firmware please navigate to the ‘Utilities Tab’.


Step 4:

In the Utilities tab please click the ‘Upgrade Firmware’ button. PSoC Programmer will begin to upgrade the programmer’s firmware. Please do NOT unplug the Miniprog3 while the firmware is updating. When the update is completed the Status window will display that the update is complete.


Step 5:

The Status window will update the display when the update is complete. Please verify that PSoC Programmer has updated the firmware to version 2.05. The user can do this by unplugging the Minprog3 and then plugging it back into the PC. PSoC Programmer will read out the firmware version, similar to Step 2.


If the customer has multiple Miniprog3 rev *A programmers, please unplug the Miniprog3 rev *A from the PC and return to Step 2 to repeat these steps with the next Miniprog3 rev *A.

This KB article pertains to Miniprog3 rev *A only.
This KB article is also applicable for any latest version of PSoC Programmer
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