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Maximum PWM frequency capability for BTN7030-1EPA

Maximum PWM frequency capability for BTN7030-1EPA

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Maximum PWM frequency is limited by:
* turn-on and turn-off delay times (this would limit the frequency at about 3kHz)
* hearable audio range (1-16kHz) - these frequencies produce a buzzing sound that is very unpleasant for the human ear and are, because of that, avoided.
As a result of calculations and measurement, it is proven that the higher the frequency, the smaller the duty cycle can be.
For example: at 2kHz, duty_cycle can be in the range of 30..60% :
The application note on how to choose a duty cycle depending on the frequency
https://www.infineon.com/dgdl/Infineon-BTN7030-1EPA_PWM_Capabilities-ApplicationNotes-v01_01-EN.pdf?... can be found here.